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GSTC Destination Certification


Vireo offer

GSTC Hotel Certification

Vireo offer

GSTC Tour Operator Certification

FIRST certification body approved by GSTC to audit against GSTC Destination standard

FIRST certification body approved and accredited to audit against GSTC Destination, Hotel and Tour Operator standards

We trust in competence

Vireo is a Latin verb that means greening: it calls to mind the luxuriance of vegetation, the blossoming of the trees and it also describes the enthusiasm and youthful initiative. What drives us to continue to grow is not only the increase in contacts and the number of certified companies, but also the awareness of doing a good job appreciated and recognized by many companies and stakeholders in the environmental certification field!
Years of experience
Audit managed every year

GSTC Ecotourism Certification

Sustainability in travel and tourism is no longer an optional "nice to have", but a business imperative. Our customers need inspiring and transformative experiences that positively contribute to the people and places they are visiting. Our destinations need solid long-term management approaches to ensure tourism remains a positive force for good, for visitors and residents alike. GSTC Ecotourism standard focusing on below principals.

Principle 1 : Sustainability Management is an act of balancing the conflict between economic development and sustainability. As such it must thoughtfully develop by company considering needs of resources, interest parties, risk and crisis management, legal compliance, then put into action by limiting resource depletion to achieve planned result. These actions translate into policies to support company business success by maintaining economic viability, nourishing needs of present and future generations.


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